M/V Delta Factor

Information about the M/V Delta Factor



92.6 ft.


28.3 ft.


11.9 ft.

Draft / Minimum

11.0 ft.

Draft / Maximum

13.6 ft.

Eye Level

25.0 ft.


ABS Loadline 



Fuel  47,092gal.
Winch Intercon
Water 7,000 gal.
Model DW-150
Lube Oil 990 gal.
Line Pull 175,000 lbs.

Towing Drum 2,000 ft. of 1 3/4" Cable

Anchor Drum 100 ft. of 1" Cable

Anchor Drum

can hold 1700 ft. of 1 _" Cable


1, 2
Main Engines (2) Detroit Diesel
16V149 T.I.

50 Ch. VHF & 55 Ch. VHF
Gears Falk
145 MRV-405

Propellers 72" x 77" x 7 1/2"
Kort Nozzels

Living Quarters
Controls --
Bunks 8
Steering Skipper electric over Hydraulic
w/ auto pilot 6 steering stations

Heads 2
Generators (2) G.M.

Showers 2
K.W. 50

Amp. 120 / 240 / 480


Radar(s) Furuno
FR7061 & 1931

Searcher Light
(2) Perko
15" Pilot house

Searcher Light
9" Aft house
Hull Characteristics
Hull Construction Steel
Gross Tonnage 198
Net Tonnage 135


Hull Thickness
Special Equipment


Birdgemate AIS
Cell Phone
Home Port Houma, La.
Satellite Tracking System Boatracs
Official Number 652508
Intercom-Hose McCann
Year Built 1997
Loran C Si-Tex
      F.M. Aerocom
      Rudder Angle Indicator Robertson
      Depth Recorder KODIA
      Wind Speed Indicator
      (2) Furuno lorans  
      Furuno Satnav FSN-50 

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