Safety Policy

Crosby Tugs, LLC is committed to safety in all phases of our operations. We fully comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Our corporate safety program supplements existing safety standards as a means of providing additional protection for our employees, the environment, and our cargo. Every Crosby Tugs, LLC employee is expected to give his or her full support to our corporate effort to promote safety.

We believe that all accidents are preventable by establishing rules and safe working procedures, exercising good judgement, and using common sense. Preventing accidents will prevent injuries and death. All Crosby Tugs employees have the opportunity and responsibility to protect themselves and to contribute to the protection of their fellow crewmembers, the environment, and the equipment for which they are responsible.

The individual is always directly responsible for his or her immediate actions, or inaction, and is therefore the only person who can guarantee his or her own safety. A job is well done only when it is done safely.

We expect to maintain efficiency in our daily operations by doing every job safely and correctly the first time and every time. Accidents and injuries that occur as a result of carelessness or attempting to save a few minutes are unacceptable. Everyone is expected to recognize the need to practice “safety first” when engaged in any task.

Safety policies or procedures are always subject to amendment if an employee has a suggestion for a better way. Everyone is encouraged to participate in the development of new procedures, or revisions to existing procedures, by making recommendations to the Crosby Tugs Safety Department. You may call, send your suggestions in written form, or stop by the office to discuss your ideas. Your efforts will be very much appreciated.