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Dredging Services

Crosby Dredging is a Louisiana owned company that specializes in coastal restoration and oilfield services. As a relatively new player to the game, Crosby Dredging is quickly making a name for itself. We are on our way to becoming one of the Gulf Coast’s preferred dredging companies. We have already completed jobs for the Corps of Engineers, the Louisiana State Government, several parish governments and of course many private entities. Our competitive advantage is based off of our crews many years of experience in dredging, a company with our local knowledge of inland bodies and waterways. Judging for us isn't just another job because our roots are deeply embedded into the Gulf Coast and its people.

We hope to keep it thriving for many years to come, and that can only be accomplished by properly protecting or diminishing resources. The Gulf Coast showcases a delicate balance with oil companies and the fisheries to maintain our special identity as a region. We will continue to encourage a special relationship to ensure our future and promote the economic growth of our region.

What makes us different

Crosby Dredging operates a vast array of dredges that include both suction dredges and bucket treads. We have four bucket dredges with six cubic yard buckets. These buckets operate on 120-foot booms for extended reach and maneuverability. We have five suction dredges to accompany our bucket dredges. These suction dredges allow us to be on any job large or small. Our smallest dredge, the bonefish is a 10-inch cutter head drill and is known as a portable dredge. This dredge can be shipped by truck anywhere which makes it extremely versatile. Our Crosby one can accompany this portable dredge, which is a 14-inch cutterhead drag. The Crosby one can dig in waterways up to 35 feet deep. We also own and operate to Ellicott dredge. These dredges are brand new and they're capable of digging in waterways up to 50 feet.

The boat Caroline and Caroline Frances have respectable cutter heads. They're considered 18- and 20-inch dredges. Our dredging fleet is rounded out by our alphabet, which we'd like to label as a marsh creation machine. This machine can be shipped by truck to anywhere in the United States and is capable of walking itself into the water. It is a one-of-a-kind dredge. And we own the only Jones Act and fullbacks in the United States. It can pump material out so thick it mimics Plato. It also has a spray attachment to equally discharge mud across Marsh to limit mitigation costs and it has little of an environmental footprint as possible.

Our Marsh creation machine is self-propelled and it operates on a z drive engine, which allows it to be extremely precise and cutting and it is the perfect maintenance project machine. When you add up this great fleet of dredges with our parent company's fleet of 100 tugboats, you get great work at a very affordable price. Our mobilization and demobilization prices are extremely competitive, which allows us to the job more affordably and efficiently. When you add up our portable dredges that can be shipped and our fleet of tugs you get a transportation competitive advantage.

This competitive advantage is known as the Crosby advantage, and it leaves us with a distinct identity on the market. We look forward to working with all entities alike to promote and maintain the economic and structural stability of our coasts. We invite you to ask questions about our fleet of dredges and we appreciate your time. And remember, you can only get the safety edge by using a Crosby dredge.

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